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Wallpaper  v.5.0.3

Wallpaper 5.0.3 is a wallpaper manager for Windows XP. This program is written in French. Wallpaper 5.0.3 lets you choose a group of images from your hard disk to be used as a desktop wallpaper, that changes periodically.

Happy Note! Puzzle Pianist  v.1.0

A free puzzle with the picture of a funny pianist. You can configure the puzzle from very easy to very difficult, save the game and come back to it later.


Ecran explorer  v.

ecran explorer is is an alternative to the classic Windows Explorer. Besides file and folder exploration, the software also features a picture viewer, media player, text viewer, PDF reader, download manager, process viewer,

Ecran Screenhot  v.3.0

Ecran Screenhot a simple software that will help you take screenhots from your desktop.Requirements: * .NET Framework

Ecran Viewer  v.2.0

Ecran Viewer is a small software that allows you to view your images and photos, allows you to view your favorite images.Requirements: * .NET Framework

Ecran Internet  v.12.1

One of the fastest portable web browsers out there. Ecran Internet is a very easy, fast and safe web browser that will help you smoothly navigate the has a new interface and new features like full screen, IE mode, download manager,

Ecran Media  v.5

ecran media is a small Media Player. Ecran Media is an incredible small Media Player to watch videos or play music. With Ecran Media you can open and play the most regular media files.Requirements: * NET Framework 4 * Windows Media

Mythical Dragons Screensaver

Are you fond of myths and legends? Want some mythical creatures to decorate your screen? This fantastic Mythical Dragons Screensaver is what you need. Download it now free of charge and marvel at the fascinating images of these fabulous creatures which

Free Sport Life Screensaver

Sport is an integral part of our life. Approximately one out of ten people on our planet go in for sport. Some people play basketball or football each weekend, some go to the swimming pool, some fond of cycle racing and many people do morning exercises

Video to Picture Converter  v.1.1

WonderFox Video to Picture Converter is a simple solution for convert video frames to seriate pictures. In addition, you can also be flexible to control the number of pictures for each frame. This software will help you save your fond part of video.

Mad Skills Motocross  v.1.0.9

Mad Skills Motocross is a game that brings back fond memories from the good old days. Not via 'retro' graphics, but by sheer joy and playfulness. Mad Skills Motocross is meant to be fun, quick and deep.

Planetary Aspects and Transits  v.8 2

Planetary Aspects and Transits is the name of an application which I found very helpful, as I am fond of astrology. Of course, I am not a professional, but it may work very well for professionals, too.

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